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Full membership of the Blue Mountains Accommodation and Tourism Association is open to persons, companies, partnerships, incorporated and unincorporated associations and other businesses that are engaged in, or have a business interest in, a tourism related business or activity in the Blue Mountains or in surrounding areas.

There are many benefits to BMATA membership, including participation in our local marketing campaigns, many networking opportunities with fellow tourism operators, involvement helping to shape our industry in the Blue Mountains, and belonging to a respected organisation with over 30 years of continuous operation.

Have a look at the How do I ...?  FAQ  pages which will probably answer most of your membership questions.  

And you will find a full list of the Membership Categories under which we advertise our members HERE

If you have any fruther questions, or would just like to talk to someone please email our Membership Officer by clicking the button below.


If you wish to apply for Full membership to BMATA please do so on the on line Application form here:

Application for Membership

Blue Mountains Accommodation and Tourism Association (Inc.)

Please Note that the fields marked with an asterisk (  ) are required.

Or you may apply for membership on the PDF Application form (link below) and send it to:

The Secretary, BMATA, PO Box 150, Katoomba, 2780

Membership Fees

Membership fees are currently $250 (plus GST) per year and are due and payable on 1st July each year.

For members joining part way through the year the fee is adjusted according to Section 8 of the Policies and Procedures document.

There are a number of Marketing Packages that are offered to all members.  There are three levels of marketing for tourism members: Bronze Industry Membership, Silver Marketing Upgrade, Gold Icons Upgrade, as well as Friends of Blue Mountains Tourism and Blue Mountains Ambassador for businesses who have an interest in supporting local tourism.


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Membership Information (PDF)



Application Form (page)



BMATA Membership Secretary (email)