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‘Get in NOW’is the mobile web app that compliments our main website.  ‘Get in NOW’ is for mobile smartphones and VisitBlueMountains is for desktop PCs.  In fact if is accessed on a smartphone, is the result.

You are a tourism operator. Have you ever had a visitor to the Blue Mountains ask you: “It’s Tuesday, what restaurants are open tonight?”   Or “ What time is the last tour and do you think I can make it this afternoon?”    Or “Where is the nearest antique shop?”   Or “What’s going on this weekend that’s new and different?”  Or even “Where can I find accommodation at this late hour?”

Of course you have!   And you can bet there is a business out there in the Blue Mountains somewhere that would just love to have that customer!

Getin pic

‘Getin NOW’ connects businesses that are open and actively looking for customers, with those visitors to the Mountains who are searching for something to do, somewhere to eat, or some place to stay – right now.

Visitors use their smartphones to scan the Blue Mountains QR Code symbol placed around the Mountains in advertising, on busses, in accommodation houses, tourism businesses, pedestrian wayfarer pylons and generally out and about.

The QR Code is a physical link to a website – in this case to a website where the visitor can find places to get in now – which is its name …

When a visitor scans the ‘Getin NOW’ QR Code with his or her smartphone he or she is presented with a choice of accommodation, things to do and places to eat. 

You, the tourism business operator, have the ability to present an inducement offer that reflects how keen you are for his business – right now.  This might simply be that you have a spare table, or that something special is happening, or it might be an attractive special offer to the next 3 customers who book with you.  Once the visitor finds you and your inducement works, he or she simply taps on the smartphone screen and he or she is connected directly to you.

There are no charges, no commissions – just good direct business between you and the customer you have attracted.

Get into the ‘Getin NOW’ program – right now!


Getin Now (desktop link)


More Information (pdf)