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India Tourism Market perspective from Tourism Australia

(May 2016)

Tourism Australia sent their 'India Sector' Business Development Manager to the Blue Mountains on Monday, April 26th, to meet with BMATA and individual Blue Mountains tourism representatives.  Tourism Australia Representative, Samar Chokshi, covered:

  • The India market – the opportunity, distribution, key trade partners, campaign activity, working with the market
  • Insights, Trends, Facts & Figures (including arrivals/spend
  • Consumer behaviour – planning/booking/travel season
  • The Indian Visitor – needs and wants, becoming ‘India-ready

Sama's Presentation Document



Inbound Tour Operators Contact List



The following material was also presented for the benefit of BMATA members.


India Market Research & Insights

You can find some useful information on the India market on Tourism Australia's corporate website.

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Aussie Specialist Program

  • The Aussie Specialist Program is our online training platform that we use to train travel agents in over 110 countries.
  • We’ve recently relaunched the program across all of our key markets.
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Understanding the Consumer – consumer research findings

  • You will find the results of our Consumer Demand Project research in some very easy to read fact sheets contained within our corporate website.



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Working with Tourism Australia

  • This document outlines the many opportunities available to work with us more closely as well as outlining our strategic direction.