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What is the OCL Register?

When you enter your businesses' open and closing times in the ACCESS KEY section, you will see reference to the OCL Register.  This is a register, or calendar, attached to your listing on the Get in NOW website that holds information about the times you are open and closed, whether you have availability (if you post to it), and also carries a “come-in-now” enticement message.

What does it mean for my business?

By setting up your OCL Register properly you will promote your business on the Getin NOW websites. 

Firstly you should enter the times when your business opens and closes each day during the week.  You can then modify this by changing the times for specific dates, eg Christmas.

You should then notify BMATA Administration that everything on your side is as it should be.

Your business will now get a special listing in Getin NOW during your opening hours.

Having done this, you can then easily post availability and special customer enticements to the OCL Register which will further heighten your listing on Getin NOW.

Furthermore, if you are an accommodation member, you use the Quick Access facility to post an availability, or last-minute enticement, message onto the GetinDirect web page.

How do I post my Availability and Enticements?

When you have set up each of your Venue's listings you will have been given, or changed if you like, your Access Key.  Take note of it.  This key is for quick access to your OCL Register. 

From your Smartphone, Tablet or PC  go to and enter your Access Key along with an enticement message and time when it should be displayed, or if required a no-availability notice.

Your listing will then be highlighted and move to the top of Getin NOW listings in your business category.

NB. You should save to the home page on your smartphone for quick access.


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