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Getin NOW

What is Getin NOW?

Getin NOW is a website that the BMATA has created to help visitors find something to do, some place to eat and somewhere to stay in the Blue Mountains.  Its address is and it is designed for mobile smartphone, tablet and desktop PC use.

All members may put their venues onto the website and can indicate their opening and closing times.  You can then dynamically change your availability or capacity to take more business.  At any time, you can then post an enticement message to your venue listing.  The most recent venue with the “come-in-now” message will rise to the top of it’s category of  Eat, Play, Stay.   

Get in Now - Eat Play Stay

Can I get a listing on Getin NOW website?

If you are a member of BMATA and marketing somewhere to stay, somewhere to eat or something to do, your business is eligible for listing on the Getin NOW website in one or more categories.

What does it cost?

All members of BMATA can have a single listing at no charge.  Multiple listings are available to members who have upgraded to the Silver or Gold marketing packages.   

How do I get a listing on Getin NOW?

BMATA members should use their membership number to log into the MEMBER AREAS of the Corporate website. 

Once you have logged in, there is a complete description of how you add and update your listing.

When you are satisfied with your listing, contact BMATA Administration and we will check the listing and activate your OCL Register so your open/closing times and messaging are displayed.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my listing?

If the directions in the MEMBER AREAS are not sufficiently clear to allow you to add and update your listing, please contact BMATA Administration and we will assist you and also clarify the instructions for others.

Can I get someone to put my listing up for me?

Yes you can.  BMATA Committee and administration is all voluntary but we are more than willing to assist.  We ask for a small contribution of $30 (plus gst) payable to the Association to add a listing to Get in Now.  This money will be used to help market the web site.

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